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Real apologies are a starting line for a long journey, Alex Bishop writes. “This blog was taken from Hamilton Spec Canada can

Within our city we have people who believe deeply and passionately about incredibly differing viewpoints, writes Alex Bishop. “This blog was taken

Indigenous engagement must be embedded into every organization in Canada, or they risk reputational damage. I work for Indigenous-led organizations, at their

“This blog was taken from” A new year can inspire us to adopt fresh perspectives. With successive governments having dragged their

Elections are not just about which candidates received the most votes, not just about personalities or issues. Elections are more about the

This month brought children (including mine) back to school, and this week brought a chill in the air that tells us change


“This blog was taken from” “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong

“This blog was taken from” Much of the Canadian analysis of the Nov. 3 vote in the United States would have

Is Hudson’s Bay in trouble? There are certainly signs that it could be. The 350-year-old retailer, whose parent company was taken private