Alex Bishop

My Mission

I provide advisory services (predominantly but not exclusively) to Women and BIPOC businesses leaders to help them

  • Get media attention
  • Access Capital (grants, loans and equity investment)
  • Make Acquisitions
  • Form Partnerships
  • Lobby Government

My Why

My Belief: People who have a voice and a platform have an obligation to leverage it for the benefit of others.

I have volunteered on the front line and have seen the effects of mental health on the most vulnerable.  

I came to working with folks who use drugs as have been lucky enough to be sober since 2011. Out of this advocacy, I was part of a group that created $200MM mental health funding.  Later I supported the creation of legislation enshrining First Responder Training and Overdose Prevention.  This year, I co-authored a free book helping leaders with the Psychological Effects of COVID.

I have worked in First Nation communities, have seen the effects of multi-generational trauma, have helped to build a Foodbank, Community Centres, Economic and Employment Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples.

I am the father of two amazing children of mixed European – Iraqi descent.

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